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About Us

Roshan Beliswin – Owner

Web: technologiesflare.com

I’m Beliswin, working on this blog for the past 6+ years!

I was passionate in this field right Digital Engineering from the beginning and decided to start this blog to share my knowledge and experience with the community.

The idea behind bringing this blog is to provide valuable information to our readers. In this modern cutting edge many things are changing day by day and readers are actually thriving for legit and accurate content to solve their problems.

We have brought this platform to solve the reader’s problems by sharing valuable information on our driving key platforms such as Topic include: Big Data & Analytics, blockchain, AI & ML, The mobile app economy, digital commerce and payments, AR & VR, Big Data, low code development, Gaming and microservices and enterprise software in general.

I’m not a guru, rather I’m just a simple guy who always aspires to learn new things and works harder to make this place a better one for all especially our readers.

I consider myself as the luckiest person in the world because I’ve got a sweet loving family, awesome friends like you, and most importantly a line of work on this blog that always keeps me busy.

Apart from TechnologiesFlare, my passion for the latest technologies also keeps me busy on my other tech blogs.

Contact Us: support@technologiesflare.com