Cazena unveiled its data science sandbox-as-a-service at Spark Summit East 2017 in Boston. The service is designed to deliver faster outcomes from data science and analytics programs. Data scientists can run a wide range of analytics in a flexible cloud environment without having to build, manage, or maintain the underlying technology.

Cazena bundles components into a single sandbox with end-to-end capabilities including data storage, processing, security, tools, and embedded support for R, Python, SQL, and other analytics. Data scientists can interact with Cazena through a Web interface, their preferred apps/scripts, or built-in tools such as RStudioServer Pro or Hue Notebooks. Additional storage and processing power is available on demand. Cazena’s built-in data movers securely move data sets from cloud or enterprise data sources, making it easy to consolidate data.

Cazena announced that data scientists can use the sandbox-as-a-service free for one week. Data science teams can load their own data sets and use familiar analytics methods to run real projects.

Cazena is delivered “as a service” on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). The platform provides monitoring, management, and support and is regularly upgraded with new technologies. Cazena uses a variety of open source, custom, and best-of-breed technologies, including RStudio Server Pro, Apache Spark, Cloudera Hadoop components, and infrastructure and storage from cloud providers.

Cazena offers an analytics platform-as-a-service for data science, big data, and data warehousing. The sandbox-as-a-service significantly evolves this platform, which supports an entire data pipeline: collect and ingest data, prepare and stage it, fit and run models, or deploy to production in another data or operational system. The company also offers a data mart-as-a-service for SQL/BI workloads and a data lake-as-a-service for Hadoop/Spark batch workloads.

Cazena’s mission is to simplify data processing in the cloud for faster business outcomes.