Product engineering is a broad area that involves designing and developing a product from scratch. It requires a combination of creativity, problem-solving skills and knowledge of different areas such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software engineering, and other areas of engineering.

These days, companies not only employ product engineers but also approach product engineering as an integral part of the business strategy. They invest in research and development, hire more engineers and build more specialized software tools to handle the process of product design and development.

For many, the idea of being an engineer might not be glamorous. Engineers are often associated with bland and boring jobs. However, product engineering is one of the most exciting and rewarding career opportunities. What if we told you that you can work on some of the most interesting projects, interact with a wide variety of talented people and prove yourself as a leader? Here is a list of the top 10 product engineering companies you should know about.


Amazon is one of the most well-known and respected companies in the world. They are known for inventing many new technologies and for their aggressive expansion strategies. Amazon is also a leading supplier of consumer packaged goods, which include items like diapers, toilet paper and food. In addition to selling products, Amazon also offers employment for product engineers.

A typical day for a product engineer at Amazon may start by taking an inventory of the current state of the product and answering questions about the goals and functions of the product. The engineer may also conduct user research to understand how the product will be used by customers. The engineer may work with designers to create wireframes and mockups to test the usability of the product. The engineer will also work with other engineers and designers to create the high-level design of the product.


Google is another tech giant that employs product engineers to design and develop new products. Google produces many different products such as search engines, email, communication apps, and more. Google engineers typically start by answering questions about the users of the product and the goals of the product. The engineer will then create high-level designs of the product, creating mockups and visual representations of the product. The engineer will also work with designers to create detailed visual designs of the product. The engineer will then work with the code and web teams to build prototypes and test the functionality of the product. After the prototype is deemed usable, the engineer will help the product be deployed.

Indium Software

Indium delivers high-quality, responsive, agile, time-tested product engineering solutions coupled with a blend of attitude that puts flexibility and comprehensive testing at the top of our priorities.

We want to learn your unique requirements and tailor-make a product that will reach the market in the shortest time and maximise your returns on Research and Development budgets.

Independent Software Vendors (ISV) required to periodically keep up with the constant change in features and enhancements that are to be added to newer generations of software.

Our product engineering technologists work on analysing the product gap and delivering a constantly adaptive experience. We at Indium use proven engineering frameworks to understand unique product nuances and changing market dynamics.

Uber Technologies

Uber is a transportation network company that is transforming the way people get around town. They got their start as a taxi-hailing app, but now have a growing fleet of vehicles for both catching rides as well as making trips. Uber has proven to be such a successful business that they are expanding into other industries. One of these industries is product engineering. Uber has hired product engineers with expertise in many different areas including driverless cars and bike-sharing. Although Uber does not directly employ product engineers, engineers at Uber work on designs and development of products that will shape the future of transportation.


Facebook is one of the most widely used apps in the world. It is known for its viral content, games and social interactions. Facebook is also known for its unique ad products such as “Sponsored Posts”. Engineers at Facebook work on the Ads team. The Ads team is responsible for developing and growing Facebook’s advertising platform. This includes managing the ads product and engineering teams that build and design the ad products and tools. Facebook also has a Donate team that builds tools to help non-profit organizations raise money through Facebook. Biometric authentication, integration between Facebook and other apps, and identification and authentication systems are some of the areas of Facebook that product engineers work on.

Apple Inc.

Apple is known for their sleek and user-friendly products. They are one of the most valuable and well-known brands in the world. Apple is also one of the leading producers of consumer technology such as computers, smartphones, tablets and more. Apple engineers design and develop many of the products that are part of the Apple ecosystem. This includes designing and developing new operating systems, apps, and hardware for their products. Many of Apple’s product engineers have advanced degrees in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and software engineering.

Twitter Inc.

Twitter is one of the leading social media platforms. It is used for everything from communicating with friends and family to publishing content, conducting interviews and more. Twitter is also known for suspending or banning users who violate the terms of service for the platform. Twitter has a team of product engineers that work to create great user experiences with their products. This includes making sure that users are able to access Twitter, comment on content, follow and DM other users and more.

Salesforce is one of the largest customer relationship management (CRM) software companies. They use their products to manage client relationships and help companies manage their sales and marketing efforts. Salesforce has more than 100,000 customers worldwide. The product engineering team at Salesforce works to make their products more user-friendly. They also work to make sure that the products are mobile-friendly, functioning well on low-powered devices such as smartphones and tablets.

IBM Corporation

IBM manufactures and develops a wide range of technology products. They have a large product engineering organization that works to make sure that their products are easy to use and understand for their customers. Product engineers at IBM work on the architecture, design, and implementation of new products. Architectural design includes understanding the functionality of a product and creating the overall design. Design includes creating mockups to test the functionality of a product and creating visual representations of the functionality of a product. The last area of product engineering is operational design. This involves understanding how the product will be used by customers and creating operational procedures for the product.

Snap Interactive

Snap is the parent company of Snapchat. The Snapchat application is used for communicating with others through photos and videos that self-destruct after being viewed. The application has grown tremendously since its inception in 2011. Product engineers at Snap work on the Snapchat app to make sure that it functions well on all devices and is user friendly. Engineers also work on the backend systems that support the app. These include backend software that manages the relationships between users and the Snap Store, as well as other services that are connected to the app.


Product engineering is an exciting field that deals with the creation of new products. Engineers in this field research problems and create new technological solutions. They work with a variety of different disciplines such as mechanical, electrical and software engineering to create new products and services.

Engineers who work in product engineering are often responsible for creating the product from scratch. They investigate problems, identify issues, and suggest potential solutions. They also work with other engineers and designers to create the high-level design of the product.

If you’re interested in a career in product engineering, one of these companies is sure to interest you. Check them out and see what opportunities are available!

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