With almost 143 nationwide mandated school closures, the pandemic made education almost inaccessible among students of all ages throughout the world. Thanks to technology, online tutoring came to the rescue. It lets you get the hang of subject-specific topics, pursue your degree and opt for instant assignment help at your convenience. In short, online tutoring is the simplest and the most effective option for you to strengthen your academic career even in this pandemic. Here are the five major benefits of online tutoring solutions that saved the education sector from the grasp of the pandemic.

1. 24*7 online availability

Let’s say you had been taught ‘Nature of Philosophy’ in your philosophy class. But, when you started reading the same chapter back at home on your own, everything seemed to go over your head. Relatable scenario, isn’t it? And calling your professors beyond college hours for philosophy assignment help is often considered unethical.

Online tutoring sessions, on the contrary, ensure that the online tutors are available 24*7. Whether you need detailed explanations or clarifications about a specific topic, the online tutors are always online at your disposal.

The best thing is you can prepare the schedule of your study sessions on your own depending on your preferences and availability. And the online tutors have to follow that timetable throughout the online tutoring sessions.

2. Individualised learning programs

81% of college students have confirmed that their academic grades improved considerably with the help of online tutoring technologies. 43% of students find online tutoring highly effective for completing their assignments. It is evident how online tutoring plays an integral role in students’ lives. In a traditional classroom, it isn’t possible for the professors to cater to each student. And a classroom usually consists of different types of students. Some are slow learners, while others are visual or auditory learners. Online tutoring programs aim at helping out special needs learners, as mentioned above.

Things to remember:

· The online tutoring programs also consist of assignments and courses that help students improve their test-taking skills. Whether you want to get through your SAT or ACT, there are online tutoring programs to help you out.

· Besides fixing appointments with a licensed educator, the online tutoring programs also encourage peer to peer instruction where both the pupil and the tutor are high school students.

· Reputed universities often provide online tutors from campus where you won’t need face to face instructions.

With online tutoring, you needn’t have to rush with your lessons. You can take your time to understand a concept completely and then proceed to the next. There are specific online tutoring programs that focus on subjects where students usually struggle. No matter what your educational level is, you will always find an online program to get a solid grip on core competencies of writing, reading and math.

3. Qualified online tutors

Reliable online tutoring platforms handpick only the cream of the crop tutors in the industry. Most of the tutors are PhD qualified or have Masters in specific subjects. Thus, you get to learn from professionals who are the very best in their respective fields.

What are the basic qualifications of successful online tutors?

· Online tutors should be PhD or Masters’ qualified in specific subjects.

· They should have a minimum of three years of experience in this field.

· They are supposed to be aware of the university guidelines and marking rubric to guide you properly for your class tests.

In traditional colleges, you may learn different subjects from a single tutor. The traditional system of education doesn’t really focus on hiring professors who have specialised in specific subjects. Let’s assume you need Revit assignment help. In traditional schools and colleges, you may get help but not from someone who has specialisation in it. Online tutoring programs, however, allow only experts in this field to help you out.

4. Interactive and innovative

How often have you restrained yourself from asking questions in class just because you felt shy or embarrassed? Introverts can relate. This problem is resolved in online tutoring programs. These programs encourage student engagement, unlike traditional schools and colleges. The problem is lessons will be interactive only if it suits every student’s learning preference, whether offline or online. Online tutoring entails the use of flashcards, PowerPoint presentations, visuals, podcasts, etc.

The factors that make online tutoring interactive:

· Technology-based learning- The online learning environment lets tutors teach at a pace that students are comfortable with. That way, you can’t move on to the next chapter unless you have understood the current topics.

· Effective communication- Face to face tutoring can be intimidating to some. But, online tutoring programs allow you to communicate with your lecturers and peers hassle-free.

· Use of whiteboards– Whiteboards work wonders when it comes to making online tutoring classes interactive. Your tutors can merge creativity and visuals on the whiteboards to explain a topic.

Interaction and innovation are two important factors that can make the process of learning way easier for students. And online tutoring programs let you make the most of technology-based learning, whiteboards, visuals, etc.

5. Convenient mode of learning

The entire world went berserk due to the pandemic. Schools were shut down. Exams got cancelled and what not. Online tutoring made it possible for students to continue their education from the comforts and safety of their own homes. You don’t have to get out of the house or travel to reach school and study. You need a stable internet connection and a computer or laptop to access online tutoring hassle-free. It is a boon to get your degree and advance your academic career without having to move out of the house in this pandemic.

Is it cost-effective?

Online tutors are available to you as per your schedule at your convenience. Thus, they tend to charge less than in-class tuition fees. Most importantly, you can save your transportation and boarding costs.

Wrapping Up,

Online tutoring is no more an option but a necessity to continue education even in this critical situation. The benefits, as discussed above, can make academic lives easier for any student. You can also get a chance to work part-time as dissertation writers or essay writers on a reliable tutoring platform. Online tutoring lets you study at your convenience without having to participate in the cut-throat competition out there. You get to learn from the best in this industry and score good grades even in your assignments. 


Patrick bate is a former English professor at a renowned university in Aberdeen, UK. After he quit his job, he offered online lessons for a brief period. Now, He is part of the Assignment help team.