Most brands have gone digital since the pandemic to reach maximum customers. Being digital means exposing your brand to all sorts of cyber threats out there. What if your customer gets online WBS assignment help from you and the credit card details they shared with you is hacked? As per a recent survey, almost 68% of consumers do not trust brands with their personal data.

Ad why would they? Malware increased by 358% in 2020. Ransomware increased by 435% in the same year. 93.6% malware was polymorphic in 2019, meaning it could change its code to evade detection. 

Whether you provide online study help or any other online service, make sure you don’t make it easy for hackers to steal information from your website. Thus, it is crucial to identify loopholes within a network on a daily basis. And that is where the role of security assessment tools comes in. I have compiled only the ten best security assessment tools here to help you choose the right one for yourself. 

1. MBSA or Microsoft Baseline Security Analyser 

Microsoft has brought forth this free tool to help users secure their computers on the basis of Microsoft’s specifications. It verifies patch compliance and also performs security checks for IIS, SQL Server and Windows. 

The features are:

  • Enhances their security process through a thorough examination of a group of computers for missing updates, misconfiguration and security patches
  • Scans security updates, update rollups and service packs
  • Manages the security of networks of medium sized and small-sized organisations 
  • Presents a few solutions to help you fix the system’s vulnerabilities 


NMAP is a free security scanner, network exploration tool and port scanner. It finds out services and hosts on a network computer. It focuses on building a network map, and hence it is called NMAP. It is one of the most reliable tools for network discovery and security auditing. 

The features are:

  • Quickly recognises all the devices such as routers, servers, mobile devices, switches, etc. on multiple networks 
  • Identifies services that run on a system, such as web servers, DNS servers, etc. 
  • Detects application versions with utmost accuracy 
  • Finds information about the OS running on devices. You will get complete detailed information which makes it easier to plan approaches during penetration testing. 

3. Retina CS community

If you are looking for a simplified and centralised tool, Retina CS is the one for you. It is both an open-source as well as web-based console. The latest release of Retina CS 4.5 combines privileged identity, password management risk intelligence and vulnerability data. 

The features are:

  • Provides a detailed assessment of cross-platform sustainability due to the features such as configuration compliance, compliance reporting, patching, etc. 
  • Saves the time and cost for managing network security
  • Automates security assessment for workstations, servers, web applications and DMs
  • Provides complete support for virtual environments such as virtual app scanning, vCenter integration, etc. 

4. OpenVAS

This one acts as both a vulnerability scanner and vulnerability management tool. It is one of the most stable and reliable tools for detecting vulnerabilities. OpenVAS is compatible with multiple operating systems. 

The features are:

  • Performs different types of authenticated and unauthenticated tests 
  • Supports high-level and low-level internet and industrial protocols 
  • Implements custom vulnerability tests with internal programming language 
  • Lets you view existing Remediation tickets, which in turn helps you create and view Compliance Audits and Compliance Audits.

5. Nikto

This open-source tool scans websites for possible issues and vulnerabilities. It is compatible with both HTTP and HTTPS. You can identify critical loopholes such as file upload misconfiguration, improper cookie handling and cross-scripting errors. 

The features are:

  • Checks for outdated server components 
  • Customises reports with template engines
  • Scans multiple servers or ports using an input file 
  • Identifies installed software using favicons, headers and files

6. Nessus Professional

The features are:

  • Supports a wide range of OS, virtual and physical networks, Dbs and applications 
  • Scans specific vulnerabilities that enable remote hacking of sensitive data from any system
  • Prevents networks from being penetrated by hackers through thorough vulnerability assessment at the earliest
  • Customises reports to help you sort by host or vulnerability, creates an executive summary and compares results to highlight the major changes.

7. cWatch Vulnerability Scanner 

This one acts as both a vulnerability scanner and trust-building tool among consumers. The benefits of using this tool include reduction of cart abandonment, daily vulnerability scanning, drive-by attack prevention, PCI scanning tools, etc. The best thing about this software is that it provides a visual indicator for users to feel safe during online transactions. 

The features are:

  • Malware detection scanning along with malware removal services to help organisations protect their business
  • Helps online merchants stay compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or PCI DSS
  • Provides ease of deployment and quick responses against threats 
  • Discovers and maps all web applications and devices on a network, followed by a thorough scan

8. Tripwire IP360

Tripwire IP360 was developed by Tripwire Inc., and it is one of the leading vulnerability assessment software. Tripwire is scalable, flexible and focuses on industry-leading prioritised risk scoring. It lets you identify and fix vulnerabilities before they are exploited. The open APIs let you integrate vulnerability management using asset management and help desk solutions. 

The features are:

  • Accurately identifies and discovers all assets on your network
  • Improves efficiency, thereby helping you achieve maximum productivity 
  • Profiles every software component and device on your networks, such as cloud and container-based assets and on-premises
  • Ranks vulnerabilities on the basis of ease of exploit, age and impact

9. Wireshark 

It is an open-source vulnerability assessment tool. It can identify issues online and analyse the situation online as well. You can use it to troubleshoot network-related errors. It is compatible with multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux, macOS, etc. It is also capable of analysing VoIP data. 

The features are:

  • Reads and writes multiple capture file formats 
  • Runs easily on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and OS X
  • Uses colouring rules for quick and intuitive analysis 
  • Captures compressed files and decompresses those on the fly 

10. Nexpose Community

This one has been developed by Rapid and offers thorough scanning of a wide range of network checks. It is easy to incorporate Nexpose into a Metasploit framework. It follows a detailed process to fix the system issues. For instance, it considers the severity of the vulnerability based on which malware kit is employed in it and fix the issue accordingly. 

The features are:

  • Monitors the exposure of vulnerabilities in real time
  • Familiarises itself with the loopholes, vulnerabilities and hazards of new data
  • Detects and scans the new devices automatically 
  • Provides the IT team with the information required to fix issues efficiently 

Wrapping Up, 

Cyber attacks are often inevitable. You never know when your system is susceptible to cyber-attacks or when your sensitive data is at risk. So, the right thing to do for all organisations is to be prepared. You can create protection around your systems and networks which not only lets you know about the loopholes but also fixes them as and when required. The top 10 security assessment tools mentioned above can provide you with that protection. Identify the one that suits your purpose the best and proceed with the installation. 


Patrick bate is a former English professor at a renowned university in Aberdeen, UK. After he quit his job, he offered online lessons for a brief period. Now, He is part of the Assignment help team.