The aim of CyberArk is to build and operate a sophisticated program with privileged access as simple as feasible. By making innovation investments, CyberArk continues to lead the market in delivering the greatest worth to clients – particularly when it comes to increased operational effectiveness, automation, and simplicity. You can get the course on CyberArk Training available online which assists you in developing the skills to design and configure CyberArk privileged security solutions and other core concepts in CyberArk. CyberArk launched hundreds of new features in the previous calendar year to enable customers to more quickly build and scale the security of their privileged access regulations. The top seven upgrades to the CyberArk Core Security for Privileged Access solution are listed below:

Now let’s move to the CyberArk Components and understand these seven simpler ways of usage. You can learn more about CyberArk Components in detail which explains the overview of CyberArk CPM, its history, enterprises that were using CyberArk tools, benefits, architecture, and its components.

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  • Cloud-based Management of Privileged Session – In March of last year, CyberArk procured cloud security vendor Vaultive and its capability has been incorporated into CyberArk’s Security Solution for Privileged Access. Customers may manage privileged sessions natively, giving enterprises more control and visibility over business users with privileged access, SaaS, social media, PaaS, and IaaS administrators. Web-based application sessions may now be isolated and monitored by CyberArk customers in yet another way. These sessions, similar to any other CyberArk privileged session, are automatically assigned a risk score, allowing SOC admins to employ a risk-based strategy to guard their most sensitive assets. Cloud providers (Platform for the Google Cloud, Azure, AWS), social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook), and other online apps like OpenShift and Salesforce could now be protected while delivering a natural experience with log-in to business users with privileged access and admins.
  • Integrated detection of threats and response — The Security for Privileged Access from CyberArk Solution’s threat detection, alarms, and replies are now fully blended into the primary interface and may also be forwarded as logs to your other alerting systems or SIEM tool. Administrators of CyberArk can now get detailed analytics on what or who is using access to privileged information in the workplace without the need to look at where the policies are configured, evaluating sessions, or logging in to perform other administrative tasks. They may also get prioritized notifications and take automatic action to adopt security for privileged access using a risk-based approach, focusing on the riskiest credentials, accounts, and actions first, decreasing clutter and alarms.
  • Automatic Session Termination is Risky – CyberArk’s web-based interface and API give security teams the tools they require to terminate or suspend problematic policy-based privileged sessions automatically instead of waiting for a person to see an issue and take action, the new technologies allow teams responsible for security operations to reduce risk by shutting down automatically or suspension of sessions which impose a security risk till they can be validated.
  • Un-Suspension UsersPowerShell Utility — Instead of wasting time depending on human intervention to get a suspended user back into CyberArk, Randy Brown, the team member of Customer Success, had come with a smart approach to employ a PowerShell tool to revive the accounts that are suspended. 
  • Automatic On-Boarding of an Account — It might take a long time to go through all of the newly discovered privileged accounts and onboard them all at once in the vault. If end users construct access to the backdoor for performing their own duties, it might pose a security risk. None of these items is a problem anymore, because of CyberArk’s latest launch of automated account onboarding. Automatic On-Boarding of an Account enables administrators to extend their privileged access with less human interaction and faster management of accounts with privileges that pose a risk for your company.
  • Installer for Security of Privileged Access – This was added to CyberArk version-10.4 to simplify the deployment of all CyberArk Core Security for Privileged Access components. It’s part of a larger effort to allow small deployments that use a single server to deploy all Components of CyberArk.
  • Marketplace in CyberArk – Since the launch of CyberArk’s Marketplace in 2018, the company has expanded the number and variety of integrations that are ready to deploy, particularly in important sectors like security software and IT management, IAM, RPA, and ICS. Customers that utilize CyberArk’s Marketplace may quickly locate and implement security integrations from one of CyberArk’s 100+ certified technology partners.

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What Comes Next?

Currently, professionals in the field of cybersecurity are being expected to perform more with fewer. It’s more important than ever to have features, tools, and solutions in place to assist security teams to use the products under their control efficiently and effectively. They recently conducted a webinar that outlined and demonstrated new features included in CyberArk version 10 that assist clients in deploying, integrating, and scaling CyberArk.


You have now learned all these seven simpler ways which make the CyberArk Components the best tool in the market that is utilized by several enterprises because of sophisticated component capabilities.