As technology advances, the way we watch television is changing. More and more people are using smart TVs to access streaming content, games, and other apps. If you’re looking for smart TV app development, there are a few things you need to know. In this article, we’ll discuss how to create a smart TV app, the development cost, and some key features to consider.

What is a smart TV?

A smart TV is a television set with built-in advanced hardware and software that enables it to run Applications or “Apps” designed for TVs.

These apps are available through the manufacturer’s preloaded app markets, such as Samsung Apps, LG Smartworld, OperaTV Store, Sony Select, Viera Connect Market, etc.

SmartTVs are capable of playing web/internet videos. They can also support various entertainment features like Games for SmartTVs.

Top Platforms for Smart TV Apps

There are various platforms that you can choose for smart app development. Following are some of the famous representatives:

  • Amazon Fire TV app development
  • Apple TV app development
  • Android TV app development
  • Panasonic smart TV app development
  • LG Smart TV app development
  • Samsung smart TV app development
  • Roku TV app development
  • Vizio smart TV app development

Benefits of Developing a Smart TV App:

Viewers spend an average of five hours a day watching TV. That’s about half of their leisure time. No wonder they say it’s the best way to reach consumers

Reaching them with your ads/campaigns is easier through this interactive medium as you can now interweave different content formats like video, text, and images to keep viewers interested.

For advertisers, the possibilities are endless when engaging customers on SmartTVs as now you can take advantage of its touch-enabled controller for gesture inputs. You now have the ability to tailor user experience through voice commands and motion sensitivity.

Markets for Smart TV Apps:

According to Ad Week, about 5 million smart TVs were sold last year. This number is projected to increase even more in 2014, which makes it a good opportunity for app developers to take advantage of the new marketing medium.

Features to Have in Smart TV App:

Easy Registration and Login:

The app must allow users to sign up and log in quickly and easily. This is especially important for apps that will be used regularly.

Search Option:

A good search option is important, especially if the app has a lot of content. Users should be able to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

Smart Recommendations:


The ability to browse through personalized recommendations will improve the user experience. For example, a TV app may recommend new shows and movies based on past preferences and watch history.

Continue  Watching:

The app should store the user’s place in a movie or TV show to allow them to easily resume watching where they left off. 


Users should be able to find out about new movies, TV shows, and actors. This information should be displayed in a simple format that’s easy to read. 

Voice Search:

If the app includes video, an option to search by voice will be very useful. The user can simply say what they’re looking for and the app will find it.

Fast UI:

The UI should allow the user to quickly browse through titles and choose a specific one. Sluggish performance could frustrate users, so it’s important that fast transitions are included.

Media Player:

The app should include a media player so the user can watch videos and listen to music directly from the app.



It’s helpful to include an option for sharing content with friends. Users can send links to their friends so they can check out the app too. Some apps even allow users to invite their friends via SMS or social networks like Facebook and Twitter.


It’s important to have a good support system in place. This includes accessible customer service, FAQs, and a knowledge base.

Seamless remote control:

The app should work with the remote control that comes with the smart TV. It also helps if the user can use their smartphone as a remote.

Smart TV App Development Process

1. Market Research:

The first step in any app development process is market research. This includes studying the competition, understanding the target audience, and gathering data on user needs and preferences.

2. Finalize key features & functionalities:

Once market research has been completed, the app can be built around key features and functionalities. These should directly address user needs and preferences. An app that does not meet these criteria will fail to capture a large enough audience to justify its costs.

3. Select the operating system:

Before the app can be built, you need to decide which operating system will best suit your needs. Google Android and Apple iOS are popular choices, but there are other options to consider as well.

4. Choose an app development company:

Building an app is no easy task. Hiring a team of dedicated developers will help to ensure that the final product lives up to expectations. The right team should have solid experience in smart TV app development and building apps for the desired operating system.

5. UI/UX design:

Once the development team is in place, the next step is to focus on UI/UX design. This will determine how the app looks and feels, and it’s important that it is appealing to users. A good design will help keep users engaged with the app.

6. Testing:

Testing is a critical step in the app development process. Bugs and glitches can cause major problems, so it’s important to catch them before the app goes live.

The Cost of Smart TV App Development:

The cost of smart TV app development can range anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000. This estimate usually takes into account the time it would take to design, develop and test the app. It also includes the costs incurred for hiring an experienced team of developers.

Choosing the right development partner for your Smart app development:

App development is a lot like dating, and one of the most important factors in the success of any relationship or partnership lies in incompatibility.

You can’t simply pick a development partner at random and expect them to successfully complete your project with flying colors. The two of you need to be compatible in terms of work ethics, methodology, and communication skills so that they can understand your needs precisely and deliver exactly what you’re looking for every single time without fail.

Make sure that you look into each factor thoroughly before signing any contracts or handing over sensitive client data such as budget details.

The best way to find the right partner for your smart tv app development is to do a little bit of research. Speak with a few developers before finalizing them. Check out their portfolio and client testimonials, and don’t hesitate to ask questions if you feel like something doesn’t add up. You will also need them for app maintenance.

Wrapping it up:

The market for smart TVs is growing rapidly, and with that comes a demand for quality apps. If you’re looking to develop a smart TV app, make sure that you focus on key features and functionality that address user needs. You also need to select the right development partner to ensure compatibility and a successful outcome. Good luck!