AngularJS is a popular programming language used to create websites and applications as it is cross-platform, efficient, fast, and creates high-quality applications.

There are many demands for web and app development, but one framework can’t possibly meet them all. However, Angular, a cross-platform framework, can be used to create both websites and mobile apps.

If you want to create a dynamic application, the first thing you should do is start learning AngularJS. Whether it’s a full-fledged user interface service for websites or a single-page app with numerous features, AngularJS can meet all of your needs right away. In order to make the most of this highly popular development approach, you’ll need to hire dedicated AngularJS developer. However, hiring AngularJS developer is a daunting task. But don’t worry! We’ve enumerated the skills you need to look for when hiring an AngularJS developer.

What to Look for When Hiring an Angular Developer: The Top Skills to Check For

Finding the right team of developers to work on a front-end app with Angular is the most difficult step. You need developers who have experience and expertise working with Angular. When you are evaluating a project, it is important to consider how competent they are at linking Angular with other technologies. Consider the developer’s capacity to produce good and fast code.

CLI and JavaScript proficiency:

The first thing a developer should install with NPM is the Angular CLI. This can help you set up your project, generate code, test your work, and more. The Angular team recommends that you use the CLI for all Angular development work.

The CLI can help you build new apps as well as enhance existing ones. You can use it to add new features, services, and modules to your app. This will save you time and make sure your code meets Angular coding standards. Plus, it will help you avoid any problems that might come up during development.

JavaScript is a tool that Angular developers use to create websites and apps. JavaScript is used to make the website or app work. For example, if you want to add audio, video, or high-resolution animation to your website or app, you will need JavaScript.

Ability to Debug and Test:

When you are working with Angular, you will need to debug and test your work. This means that you will need to be able to find and fix errors in your code. You will also need to be able to test your work to make sure it is working correctly.

When you hire AngularJS developers, make sure you test their debugging ability. If you are not able to debug or test your work, it will not work correctly. This could cause problems for your users.

Proficiency with TypeScript:

TypeScript helps you write code quickly and easily. It also helps to avoid errors. When you use TypeScript, you are able to create Angular applications that are easy to read and understand.

The Angular team also uses typeScript. They use it to develop Angular itself. If your developer is not proficient in TypeScript, they will not be able to develop Angular applications correctly.

An understanding of RxJS:

RxJS is a library that helps you work with asynchronous data. This means that it can help you load data from a server and use it in your application. The Angular team uses RxJS to create applications that are fast and easy to use.

If your developer does not understand RxJS, they will not be able to work with the Angular team. This could cause problems in your development process.

Experience with HTML, CSS, and SASS:

When you are working with Angular, you will need to know how to write HTML, CSS, and SASS. These are the languages that Angular uses to create websites and applications.

Your developer will not be able to work with Angular if they do not know how to write HTML, CSS, and SASS. This might cause delays in the development process.

Ability to Select the Appropriate Stack:

Angular developers need to understand other technologies that work with Angular, such as Node.js and Spring Boot. Because Angular is becoming more popular, it is increasingly important for Angular developers to be familiar with alternative back-end technologies. Node.js and Angular are the two most popular combinations for developing backend-front-end applications. Node.js provides a framework called Express that works well with TypeScript and npm (Node Package Manager) to provide better scaffolding when using Angular CLI.

Knowledge of Version Control Systems:

All developers should be familiar with version control systems. Version control systems help developers keep track of their code changes. They also help developers work together on projects.

Git is the most popular version control software. It is free and open-source. Most professional developers use it to communicate with each other. If your developer isn’t familiar with it, they won’t work with other developers.

An understanding of Design Patterns:

Design patterns are methods for solving common problems in software development. They are a way to structure your code so that it is easy to read and understand. All developers should understand design patterns.

If your developer does not understand design patterns, they will not be able to structure your code correctly. This could cause problems in your development process.

Familiarity with Build Tools:

All developers should be familiar with build tools. Build tools help you automate the process of building and testing your code. They also help you create production-ready versions of your code.

The most popular build tool is npm. npm is a JavaScript package manager that helps you install and manage software development tools. Without any knowledge of npm, they will not be able to develop Angular applications correctly.


You should check these skills when you hire dedicated AngularJS developer. If your developer does not have these skills, they will not be able to develop Angular applications correctly, and you’ll face problems in your development process.

You need to ensure that your developer is proficient in TypeScript, RxJS, HTML, CSS, and SASS. They should also be familiar with different frameworks and understand design patterns. Besides, they should be familiar with build tools such as npm.

Hiring an AngularJS developer could be challenging, but you’ll hire the right developer for your business if you gauge the developers on the skills mentioned in this document.

Summary: Finding the ideal AngularJS developer to join your web development team is critical. Here are the qualifications you should look for when hiring an AngularJS developer.


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