With the advancement of tools and technologies, the user expectations for responsive and high-performing web applications have also increased. As a result, companies are looking for efficient web app development services to develop top-notch websites and web apps for their businesses. For this purpose, a product owner also searches for a programming language that can best suit to build apps that will fulfil their business requirements.

There are many programming languages available out there. However, PHP and Python are the two most popular ones to build interactive web apps. Although both languages are in great demand, still each of them was developed to serve different purposes. This article will tell you about a detailed comparison between the two based on which you can judge which would be the best for web app development.

PHP and Python: A general introduction

Developed in 1994, PHP is a general-purpose scripting language designed specifically for web development. It is pretty fast and flexible compared to other programming languages for developing top-class web apps. On the other hand, Python (created three decades ago) is an interpreted high-level programming language used for general purposes only. It could be a preferred choice for machine learning codes and rapid application development. Below are some features of each programming language.

Features of PHP

  • PHP is an open-source programming language; you can download and use it for free.
  • Whether it is Windows, Mac OS, Unix, or Linux, PHP can run on multiple operating systems.
  • Compared to other scripting languages, like ASP or JSP, it is relatively fast.
  • It has some in-built error reporting features that will show you a warning or error notice when you make one.
  • Its quality of database integration supports various databases like MySQL, Oracle, etc.

Features of Python

  • Python is easy to learn, access and maintain.
  • One can incorporate low-level modules into the Python interpreter.
  • It provides the features of testing and debugging.
  • One can also get high-level dynamic data types and dynamic type checking with Python.
  • Integration with C, C++, and Java Programming code is also possible in Python.

Head-to-head comparison between Python and PHP based on different factors

Faster development

A few years ago, Python used to be faster than PHP. However, with the introduction of PHP 7 in 2015, the situation changed. With the effort of the core PHP team, it became possible to speed up the language., and today, it is much faster than Python and many other programming languages. With high speed, it becomes easier for the developers to process a massive amount of data to design a robust and speedy application. Therefore, for faster development, PHP will surpass Python.

Library management

Python consists of PIP (Package installer for Python) to manage the packages from the Python package index. With the help of Pip, the process of library management becomes pretty easy and fast, and therefore it becomes easy to achieve your project’s requirements.

On the other hand, the library management system is not so strong in PHP. Although with the introduction of PHP 7 and different upgraded versions, the core PHP team includes Composer, an efficient tool that finds and manages packages. However, it is not as good as Python’s. Therefore, having a wide variety of mature packages and easily installable tools, Python will outshine PHP.


The more the applications are scalable, the more they can adapt to the changing market and users requirements. Both Python and PHP offer you a great selection of frameworks and libraries. For example, many PHP-based frameworks, such as Laravel and Symfony, that many famous brands, like Spotify, Pfizer, NatGeo, etc., are already using. Similarly, Python also provides many robust frameworks for web app development like Django and Flask, that are highly scalable and fast. Moreover, with Python, you can get more scalable apps when integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) or machine learning. Therefore, when you hire good web application development services, you can choose any of these programming languages.


Although both PHP and Python are object-oriented and compatible with multiple operating systems, they are still different in terms of ease of use. Where Python is a general-purpose language, PHP is developed explicitly for creating dynamic web apps and websites.

However, web development with PHP can be too complicated as the syntax in it is pretty rigid. On the contrary, Python is highly readable and is quite simple to understand. Also, the code in Python is easily interpretable, and you can have a simplified debugging process in it.

Community Support

Both Python and PHP are in the market for more than two decades. Therefore, both programming languages have solid community support that can help you in developing high-quality web applications. Moreover, both the programming languages have helped create websites of several famous brands, like Facebook, Google, Netflix, Tumblr, MailChimp, Quora, Dropbox, etc. That’s why both these languages are widely popular for web app development.


Even though PHP was explicitly developed for creating websites and web applications and Python for general purposes, each of them is suitable for web app development. So which one should you pick? Well, that depends on your business requirements, based on which you should hire web app development services. If you want to build a small-scale and simple business web application, both Python and PHP will be an excellent fit. For a faster development process, PHP could be a great choice. However, if you want to integrate AI into your app, you should go with Python.