In the past, a wide assortment of websites was hacked. The hackers are known to be active and attempt to hack the sites, leading to data leakage. Owing to this, web apps security testing is crucial.

Due to this, web application security scanners are useful. The web app security testing tools are recognized as the software programs that perform the prerequisite opportunity to execute security testing on the web app. It is useful in recognition of different security vulnerabilities.

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 The scanners do not have access to the source code. They execute functional testing with an eye to finding different security vulnerabilities.

In this write-up, you can seek information about the ten different open source security testing tools, which help in testing the site:

Zed Attack Proxy

It is regarded as an open-source and multi-platform web app security testing tool. This tool is beneficial to find a vast array of security vulnerabilities within the web application during the testing stage and software development.

An applaud of thanks to the intuitive GUI; you can use this tool without encountering any challenges.

This security testing tool provides support to the command-line access for different advanced users. This security testing tool is written in the Java Language. In addition to its use as the scanner, you can use this tool for the interception of the proxy to test the webpage manually.

A few of the primary benefits of this tool to accomplish the Penetration Testing Services include user-friendliness, automatic scanning, authentication support, rest-based API, multi-platform, powerful and traditional AJAX spiders, to name a few.


It is regarded as the command line app, which is known to crawl through different web pages for the detection of different forms and scripts in which the data gets injected.

This tool executed the black box scanning, thereby injecting the payloads within the detected scripts to find whether it is vulnerable. It provides support to POST HTTP and GET attack techniques.

 Such tools are useful in producing vulnerability reports in different features and formats. It effectively detects vulnerabilities, such as database injection, file disclosure, cross Site Scripting, file inclusion, and weak.

htaccess configuration, to name a few. Moreover, it provides the prerequisite opportunity to differentiate between the reflected and permanent XSS vulnerabilities.


Vega is another worth mentioning name in the list of top open-source testing tools. As you opt for this tool, you will be capable of executing the web app’s security testing.

This tool provides the GUI-based environment. You can avail of it for Linux, OS X and Windows platforms.

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You can use this tool for finding the directory listing, header injection, SQL injection, cross-site scripting, shell injection, and different web app vulnerabilities. You can use the API, which is written in JavaScript, to extend the tool. As you work with this tool, it allows you to set different preferences.


It is recognized to be one of the best in class open source security tools, which helps in automating the finding process, thereby exploiting different SQL injection vulnerabilities in the website’s database.

Moreover, it boasts the powerful detection engine and different useful features. So, this tool offers a helping hand in executing the SQL injection check within site.

Besides this, it provides support to a wide assortment of database servers, such as PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, SAP MaxDB, Sybase, Firebird, to name a few.

Apart from this, it provides complete support to different types of SQL injection techniques such as UNION query, error-based, time-based blind, out of band, stacked queries, to name a few.


It is one of the best in class security testing tools, which is beneficial in measuring the web app’s source code quality.

It offers the opportunity to execute the analysis of more than 20 programming languages. Moreover, you can integrate this software with continuous integration tools.

A few of the vulnerabilities exposed through this tool include Denial of Service attacks, Cross-Site Scripting, and SQL injection.

Some of the highlights of this security testing tool include the detection of different tricky problems, visualization project history, setting the pull requests analysis, to name a few.

ZED Attack Proxy

It contributes to being one of the best in class open source and free penetration tools, which is suitable for manual and automated security testing.

This tool is believed to be a suitable choice for Mac, Unix/Linux and Windows platforms.

It serves as the middle man proxy between the web app and browser of the tester. It is beneficial for moderating and interception of the transmitted features. A few of the crucial features of this tool are inclusive of REST-based API, Web soccer support, Fuzzer, AJAX spiders, to name a few.


It is regarded as an efficient web app attack and audit framework, which provides effectiveness against different vulnerabilities.

It is effective in recognizing different vulnerabilities, like unhandled application errors, Guessable credentials, cross-site scripting, SQL injection.

Furthermore, it offers assistance in limiting web exposure to different malicious elements. Featuring the console-based and graphical interface, this tool ensures the audit possibilities of the web application’s security in no time.


It is regarded as one of the best in class web app security testing, which is equipped with SPA crawling techniques and black box scanning in AcuSensor form.

It boasts of the DeepScan and multi-threaded scrawler, which can perform WordPress installation scanning for a bunch of vulnerabilities.

It features the Login Sequence Recorder, which allows the tool to scan the password-protected fields. This tool comes with the ready-made vulnerability management system, which generates different compliance and technical reports.


It is a popular open-source security testing tool, which is meant to recognize the security problems, which exist in the web app. It helps in revealing all kinds of vulnerabilities, such as XSS injection, SQL injection, remote and local file inclusion, invalidated redirect.


It is one of the top open-source security testing tools, which is beneficial in scanning different small web apps, which are inclusive of personal websites and forms. This tool is lighter in weight. This tool is written in Python language. It offers support to JS code analysis.