The pandemic is forcing many colleges and universities to adopt online learning to stop the spread of the virus. The whole education system collapsed, and remote learning seemed to be the best alternative during the lockdown period. Until the world gets to normal self, online schooling is the only solution to continue education.

Thanks to the wide range of educational tools that are proving to be invaluable for students as well as teachers when they are trying to adapt to remote learning. Some institutions are comparatively less prepared than others in terms of using technology for supporting students. Technologies are used not only for their educational purposes but they will also to help identify the risk among students. During this difficult time, students encounter academic and personal difficulties, so they will require extra help.

   Here are a few ways online learning tools are helping students and teachers:

1.      Learning management systems

From online lessons, grading assignments, to sharing reading materials, learning management can streamline much of the work for the teachers. The teachers will be able to centralize all the features on one platform, including running a hybrid, virtual or in-person classroom, tracking the progress of the students and connecting with parents.

Here are a few learning management tools:

ü   Edmodo

ü  Schoology

ü   Google classroom

ü  TalentLMS

ü  Blackboard

ü   Moodle

ü  NextThought

ü  Paraphrasing tool

2.      Virtual and augmented reality

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality will help in enhancing engagement and learning. It will let the students interact directly with the material. VR is also beneficial for students who have learning difficulties like autism. Floreo is a great choice for helping students with autism develop communication and social skills. They can fulfil all the field work or the expedition you are missing. MEL Science, a UK-based technology company, provides a monthly subscription service for physics and chemistry-related experiment kits. Students can use the MEL Science mobile app also to learn at home.

Google Expeditions is also a popular tool in this category. It allows 900 VR tours which include 7 wonders of the world and to the Great Barrier Reef. In addition to this, you will also be able to access over 100AR tours.

3.      Massive Open Online courses

 Adult learners especially use these courses to fortify their skills or develop skills to help in their careers. There has been a rising demand for MOOCs as students utilizing the lockdown properly by broadening their skills. A lot of students are taking subject-related courses that will add value to their resumes.

Students are starting to see lockdown as an opportunity to develop their core areas to have the best opportunities in the future.

Here is a list of popular MOOC

ü   Udemy

ü  edX

ü   Coursra

ü   Sawayam

ü   FutureLearn

ü   Alison

ü  Udacity

ü  EduKart

4.  Better time management

There are a lot of students who require paying special attention and caring for their parents. It takes a lot of strain on students to balance studies and taking care of your family. Since there are no strict classroom times, they can do homework as per their own schedules. Online lessons keep you right on track of progress. It lets you practice time management and staying productive

5.  Self-paced learning

You can choose to study or complete the assignment on your own schedule. You will not require following the school time schedule and instead choosing when you are most productive. Students tend to forget the lessons their professors gave in the class. They do not always feel comfortable with asking professors to repeat the point. But with online tools, they can dive deeper into a specific topic. They can go through the recorded lectures of their professors, which will help them recollect the points discussed in the class.

6.  Networking with other culture

Students have the scope to log in from any corner of the world. The class discussions feature a broader range of perspectives which will help you enhance your own cross-cultural understanding. Students will be able to broaden their perspectives and become more culturally aware.

7.  Convenience

This is probably the best use of online tools since students will be able to learn with devices like laptops and tablets. All the time spent on travelling will be saved, and thus you will be able to utilize the remaining time by focusing on other productive activities.

Technologies made it possible that students continue their education by ensuring they receive personal assistance.

8.  Interacting with the teachers

Online tools like Zoom class, Canvas, or Blackboard let the student’s converse about the areas they are unable to understand. Teachers can give one-to-one sessions for those students who are facing some issues.

Councilors also can keep track of student’s emotions during the pandemic crisis. Students are surrounded by news of people losing lives over the virus, which obviously impacts their heads. This can hamper their studies and mental balance. Councilors can help the students on getting out of the situation. They will provide perfect solution applicable for their condition.

9.  Afterschool learning and tutoring

There is a time when you might not understand a few concepts or chapters taught by your teacher in a virtual class. So you require clear understanding, you may try afterschool learning platforms to clarify those concepts. Several afterschool platforms made sure their services are free to help students amid the pandemic. You will be able to explore your interested areas and get all the extra help you may need. 

You will find short videos, personalized learning materials. Some of the apps like Noon Academy also allow to study and compete with other students.

Here are some tools that fit best in this category:

ü  BYJU’s

ü  Outschool

ü   GSX

ü  Course hero

10.  Gamification

A lot of teachers experienced gamification helping students perform better, and it also reduces the time for students to accomplish their goals. The tools let the teachers design the lectures as a game that promotes higher student engagement. It also makes a boring subject more engaging and fun. It also enables students to receive instant feedback that shows how they rank among their peers.

Here are some of the most popular gamification tools:

ü  BookWidgets

ü   Kahoot

ü  Class Dojo

ü   Classcraft


I think we all can predict that the pandemic is not going away anytime soon. But that does not mean that life is over. 

Students need to have the same disciplined life that they usually have in classrooms. During such a crisis, they need academic as well as economic support. Online academic tools provide various learning opportunities, and it also helps teachers stay connected with the students. Online tools make sure students do not lose any chance of pursuing their dream career due to the lockdown.


Patrick bate is a former English professor at a renowned university in Aberdeen, UK. After he quit his job, he offered online lessons for a brief period. Now, He is part of the Assignment help team.