For test automation specialists, the execution of mobile application testing consumes an ample amount of time.

But, it is not feasible to automate different test scenarios and test cases fully. It is challenging to automate interface testing and mobile usability testing. During the time, mobile automation testing enhances the Return on Investment.

It will help if you keep in mind that you will procure a lot of benefits with the execution of mobile testing manually. If you can handle it properly with automated testing, it is effective in fine-tuning different aspects of the application.

Mobile testing is the process in which the mobile applications are tested for usability, functionality, and consistency.

Mobile application testing involves the process of executing different tests against the mobile app. It ensures that the usability and functionality is accomplishing the needs and that the app is ready for release.

Mobile application testing is inclusive of various kinds of testing, such as load, security, usability, performance, and functionality.

Speaking of the first impressions and functionality, manual testing is known to be irreplaceable.

It offers a type of feedback, which is heard from the actual users. The simulation and flexibility of different real user actions happen to be the primary benefits of manual testing. The mobile sector is growing constantly at a faster pace. In accordance with Statista, the majority of the users make use of mobile devices instead of desktops. 

The major giants of technology are introducing a wide array of Apple and Android devices at the enhanced speeds. Consistent growth in mobile use allows the business enterprise to focus on the development of applications, according to the user base. As you go through this write-up, you can know the tips to test the mobile application manually:

Manual mobile app testing services involve random tapping and clicking through the mobile application and different logging bugs.

In this context, it is a prerequisite to have a structure and plan. The manual mobile testing involves mere clicking. If you want to keep each and everything under control, it is a prerequisite to outline the action plan, after which you should be defining the route to execute it. Here are the steps you should take in order to test the application manually:

Having the plan

If you want to make the execution of mobile testing a grand success, you should know the steps to perform mobile testing manually.

Else, you will not be capable of catching the bugs properly. If you want to study the test plan and select the test cases, it is recommended to test them manually. After this, you should ensure to group them according to the ways in which they are tested. It helps in making the test sessions very brief.

Outlining the click path

You should make sure to write the detailed click path for every use case. It will provide the prerequisite opportunity to optimize every test session, as you repeat the test precisely on various devices.

If you are planning to discover the bug, you will be capable of reproducing it faster and easier.

Testing on a wide array of devices

According to studies, an application might work on one device flawlessly. However, there are risks that it might crash on the other device.

Hence, it is recommended to execute the mobile testing on a wide array of real devices, which boast various software, hardware, and Operating System.

In addition to this, there are some manufacturers who can make certain customized changes in the User Interface, which might impact the application.

It however does not mean that you do not require storing a plethora of devices in the office. So, you should make the right use of real devices within the cloud, after which you should select the parameters.

Repeat and document

You should make sure to repeat every step in the similar sequence. Also, new bugs might arise after the modification of the code.

It is a prerequisite to executing all the tests to ensure that fixing a specific problem might not break the others. You should ensure to write every information. Hence, you will be capable of testing the part once again after fixing the bug.

Every developer is aware that testing contributes to being a crucial phase in the process of mobile app development.

Its importance enhances many times as the app looks for sensitive data like the login credentials, which are necessary for different social media applications. As you give more priority on application security, you should ensure to integrate the encryption level into the application source code.

Things to keep in mind while performing mobile application testing

Here is a list of the things you should take into consideration during the execution of mobile application:

Selecting the testing methodology

It is possible to test the mobile applications on emulators or real devices. In addition to this, specific device clouds offer the suitable chance to use a wide array of devices concurrently, remotely, thereby recording the results.

You should ensure that the coverage of the test is enough. In addition to this, there are certain surefire ways to increase the same.

Even if you have an ample experience in mobile application testing, you should always remember that there are scopes of improvement. So, it is recommended to have a plan before you go for mobile application testing.

Speaking of the test automation, it is essential to find the types of testing processes, which should be tested. In addition to this, you should find the testing processes, which are tested manually.

Mobile automation testing provides a suitable choice to the potential audience to assess the application experience. It helps in exploring the logic behind the app, after which you should ensure that it is convenient and intuitive.


The ultimate objective of Quality Analysts is to ensure that the application is functioning properly without any glitch.

They check whether an application is performing perfectly under certain performance needs, changing networks, and various load conditions. With the execution of mobile application testing, you can check whether the application is ensuring a smoother performance. Different mobile testing tools are available in the market, which helps in executing mobile testing properly.