Unity game engine offers advanced features along with ease of game development making it one of the most dependable platforms.

Many popular games on the iOS platform, including the Angry Birds series and Forgotten Anne, were developed using Unity. You can ask for unity engine experts while hiring a game development company in Kerala for designing a game for iOS.

The step-by-step guide here is aimed to give beginners a brief idea about the game development process using the unity platform.  

Basic Steps Before You Commence iOS Game Development in Unity Engine

Let’s start with the first step for iOS game development using the unity engine. You must create an Apple Developer account that will aid you in the optimal exploration of the platform.

Furthermore, it is necessary for complying with different functions, the addition of devices, creating profiles, and incorporating additional changes.

The games in iOS must be developed in Apple’s integrated development space Xbox also, for optimizing the game for macOS, watchOS etc.

Once you have created an Apple developer account, implement the changes enumerated:

  • Select the version of the Unity engine (the selection can be found under Unity Hub>Installs)
  • Add component
  • Opt for “Build Support”
  • Go to>Next, for finding the SDK and NDK functionalities 
  • Click “Done”

How to Start a New Project in Unity Game Engine?

The process for starting a new project is simple. It has been set up in such a way for even a newbie to understand and utilize it without any confusion. 

  • Open the window that has options, viz. Projects, Installs, Learn
  • Click on “New” for developing a new game project
  • Enter the name and other details
  • Choose the template you want
  • Click on “Create” once you have completed the above-mentioned steps

Steps for Working in Unity Game Engine Editor

You can work with the unity editor by knowing the basic options to choose.

  • Convert the Editor platform to iOS
  • Select “Build Settings” from “Files”
  • Click on iOS Platform
  • Hit the “Switch Platform” option

How to Prepare Unity Engine Editor for Developing a Game

You need to prepare the editor for designing and developing a game for the iOS platform. The preparation will be useful for the effective development of the game. 

  • Add folders as required (Choosing three folders and naming those as Material, Script and Prefab would be helpful)
  • Set up the scene and sequence for the game
  • Fix the aspect ratio
  • Importing assets would be beneficial
  • Install particle effects and save them in Prefab
  • Obtain 3D models if possible

Importance of Aspect ratio in Unity

Choosing the right aspect ratio is a complicated task. It involves many factors. Therefore, it must be done after careful consideration of the following.

  • Game elements
  • UI elements
  • Background

A commonly chosen aspect ratio is 16:9. Decide upon the aspect ratio after a careful analysis only. A mistake can affect the appearance and quality of the game.

Adjusting the aspect ratio is vital. Because the clarity and visibility of the game elements and objects in different Apple devices depend solely on it. You can click on the “Game” tab in Editor and select “Free Aspect” to incorporate changes.

How to Create 3D Elements in Unity Game Engine Editor?

With creative skill and basic technical knowledge, you can create 3D elements in Unity. The steps for creating 3D objects are:

  • You need to set up the scene for the 3D object initially. Go to the Scene section and undertake the same
  • Right-click on the scene to find “3D Object”
  • Choose a shape from the option
  • Fix the dimensions from the “Inspector” tab
  • Embody necessary additions from the options including Mesh Render and Box Collider
  • Click “Add Component”

How to Change Lighting, Create Materials, and Integrate Touch Inputs?

These three steps require a detailed understanding of the game’s requirements. The lighting, materials and touch inputs will decide how the game will appear and how interactive it would be.

  • Lighting – Select lighting from the Inspector tab and choose the right lighting depending on the type of your game. It could be mixed, real-time or any other specific types as you feel. Alternately, you can opt for auto-generate to choose the lighting. 
  • Materials – The materials including surroundings, ground, and the objects around could be chosen from Assets. Try out different compositions to make them suitable for the game settings. A preview will help you to examine the accuracy and appearance. Incorporate necessary changes as required.
  • Inputs – The touch input is the main thing in an iOS game. The selection and command must be according to the needs of the game. The touch input could be decided from the Scripts folder. The newly created scripts must be attached to the main camera and open inside the visual studio. You may also integrate additional functions. The codes for more complicated functionalities could be created in the visual studio.

How to Work with Xcode Integrated Development System?

You must have the Xcode app for building games on the iOS platform. The app could be downloaded from Apple App Store. You can opt for automatic sign-in options, by enabling “Automatic” from the pop-up. 

You can build and launch a game in Xcode by pursuing the steps:

  • Click on the “Play” button (it is on the top left corner)
  • Xcode will build and launch the game on your device
  • Test the game in Xcode

Once you have completed all the activities viz. design, build and test, you can submit the game for certification from Apple. The expert team at Apple will examine the game, confirm that it meets the laid down guidelines and directives, and approve. The game will be available in App Store within 24 hours, post review, and approval by Apple.