The app development process is hectic and full of roadblocks. Irrespective of the platform, it’s not easy to develop an application.

But when it’s about iOS, the process intensifies. You can check out here for hire an iPhone developer. To make this process a bit easy, here are some advanced tips in this guest post for you. 

With the advancement in technology, you can even automate this process of iOS development. We will also cover the automation process in this article. So get ready to become an elite iOS developer.

Know More About Automation

Before starting with advanced tips, let us know more about automation. We can leverage automated app development because of Artificial Intelligence.

AI technology is affecting all the major sectors in the world. From healthcare to vehicles, everything can be integrated with AI. App development is nothing different.

AI enabled the automation of iOS app development. In the automation process, the app is developed with low or no codes. Imagine being able to create an iOS app without coding. Thanks to AI, this is possible now. 

There are code libraries, that store data. This data can be used to develop an iOS app. This will make the process swift and flexible. But can this be harmful to coders? The answer is no. Automation is in its early stages. Hence, it will grow a lot. We will discuss automated testing in later parts. 

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Advanced Tips to Become a Better iOS Developer

Now we will discuss the most important tips that can make you an advanced iOS developer.

1. Using MVP

A Minimum Viable Product can be used before the actual project is completed. MVP contains the main work of an app. You can release it as quickly as possible.

The release must be short and quick. This will help you gain some momentum. You can also alter deadlines frequently. The process must be controlled and flawless.

After the release of the first MVP, you can gather feedback that will help you with the upcoming MVP. Keeping optimum features is also necessary to gain credibility. An MVP can your time and efforts. 

2. Utilizing Storyboard Can be Time-Saver

An app has a single file for all the components and screens. This file is known as a storyboard. A storyboard is used to initiate a connection between several screens. It will show you all the screens.

It has 3 vital components:

  • Scene: You can understand its meaning by the word itself. A scene is nothing but a view present in UI.
  • Segues: It allows you to display any transition, from one screen to other. 
  • Segues Identifier: We can identify any segues or transitions by giving them a unique name. 

3. Revisit Your Ideas Before Coding

Coding is an essential part of iOS mobile app development. You can create a visual representation of your app known as wireframes.

This will include various designs, structures, and architecture. This will give you an overview of your app’s interface.

You can also figure out an issue (if any) in your design. This will save you from re-writing the codes.     The wireframe is also compatible with a team project. It will make sure that everyone is working together and no one is left behind. This will eliminate any miscommunication. 

It is very easy to create a wireframe. This can be achieved using any image editor, presentation tools, or wireframe software. 

4. Automation of Testing

Testing is the cherry on the cake. It can’t be ignored at any cost. The orthodox or manual testing method is time-consuming. But you have a simpler alternative to test your project.

Automated testing can not just save your time but can also save money.  You will get a flawless app as it performs multiple testings in no time. You can increase the number of testings while decreasing the time taken. You can’t ask for anything better than that. 

There are many tools and software that can help you with automated testing. They can also help you save codes and use them on various platforms.

That means you can create several apps by one time of coding. You get a huge library to access that has answers to all your queries. 

5. Agile Development is the Key

You must be already aware of agile development. It will help you to create apps at a speed like never before. There are many agile methodologies in the market.

The method will depend on the requirements of your project. You must know your project well to create a precise agile methodology. 

Best Automated Testing Tools

You got the tips, now we will see some of the best tools for automated testing of your project.

1. Appium

This is a free, open-source automation tool. It can be used with native, hybrid, and mobile app development. It will perform automated testing so you don’t have to change the application.

It’s based on Selenium. It comes with multiple language support. It will not modify the app. The open-source community has a lot to offer to the coders. 

2. Unified Functional Testing

This is an established tool for standard testing. It has full support for the users and keeps updating the system. It leverages the microfocus ecosystem. As it is a standard tool, it is quite expensive. 

3. Tricentis Tosca

This automated tester has scriptless automation. Thus it is easy to use for novice testers. It has an accelerated automated testing process. It supports multiple platforms but has a codeless environment. 

4. Eggplant

It is a visual testing tool. The interface is easy to use for scripting with support for testers. It is also expensive and requires mac server for ios testing. 

5. Ranorex

This cross-platform testing tool provides its browser. It has a record and playback feature. You must install Ranorex for testing. 


These were the advanced tips for iOS development. You can become a better coder by using these tips. You can also use these tools to make the rigorous testing process easy and swift. Just keep working and you’ll become the best. 


Hermit Chawla is a MD at AIS Technolabs which is a Web/App design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Global Clients. He love to share his thoughts on Web & App Development, Clone App Development and Game Development.