Undoubtedly, PHP has been a premier choice for developing websites and web applications for a rather long time. Indeed, it is ubiquitous in web development. Moreover, PHP frameworks have taken web development to another level, expediting and simplifying the development process.

Laravel has emerged as a top PHP framework that offers many benefits and features for creating various web solutions. If you want to create a custom web application or website for your business, the best option is to hire Laravel developers. Indeed, you can hire professionals for your work and create the desired solution as per your need.

Things to consider before hiring Laravel developers

Before you even think about hiring a Laravel developer, there are some essential points you need to take note of to end up with a good decision. 

Determine the project scope

Before searching for a suitable Laravel developer, you must first lay down the requirements of your project and define its scope. It includes the timeline of the project and its nature.

Find out what you want and what your time requirements are. You need to determine the end goal of your website and what functionality you need on it. You may want to build a business website or an eCommerce store. Depending on your needs, you can look for a developer who meets your technical requirements. 

Testing process

All businesses, whether SMEs, startups or giant enterprises, should verify the testing approach of the prospective Laravel developers and how they will apply it to their project. No doubt, testing is an essential step in the process of developing websites or web applications. It helps to ensure that the final product is free of errors, bugs, and other issues. 

Cost and delivery

Some quick research can be helpful to get an idea of how much it may cost you to develop the desired web solution.

You must estimate the cost beforehand and also speculate about the delivery time of the final product. You can then choose the developers that fit your needs well. However, you should know that neither cheap nor expensive service is the best. Weight pros and cons correctly to pick the best option.  

Portfolio and reviews

Once you have hired developers for your project, it will be hard to move on to the other service provider if the existing one is not good.

Hence, you should be cautious when choosing the developers and do enough research to get a good deal. Checking out the portfolio and reviews of the developers you wish to choose is an excellent way for this. 

The portfolio is the collection of all the projects that they have accomplished to date. It helps you to get an idea about their service, capacity, and technical prowess. Similarly, reviews help you know about their past customers’ experiences that will tell you about their behavior towards customers, quality of work, and their strength. 

Essential traits that you should look for in Laravel developers

Sound understanding of web technologies

An ideal Laravel developer should have an in-depth knowledge of the framework. And, the developer should also have good knowledge of PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and other relevant technologies.

Indeed, it is an essential requirement for a developer to be able to work on your website or web application development project. By and large, a perfect Laravel developer has unmatched skills in website development technologies and languages. It is an essential trait of developers that helps you get best-in-class Laravel web development services. 

Database management skills

It is one more essential trait that a trusted Laravel developer should have to help you create the right solution as per your requirements.

Under this skill, a developer should have a proper understanding of various databases and know-how about organizing the data for a website. So, the developers should have skills in NoSQL databases like MongoDB and DynamoDB and expertise in SQL databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL, and more.

Websites use databases to respond to user queries, store credentials, and query inputs. A developer with hands-on experience in creating and optimizing skills is like a cherry on the cake for you. 

Knowledge of MVC

MVC (Model-View-Controller) is a web development architecture or methodology developers follow when developing websites.

Laravel framework supports MVC architecture, and a Laravel developer should have an in-depth understanding of this architecture for creating a perfectly matching solution. 

Experience and other necessary skills

Experience in Laravel development is crucial to get the best quality solution. Having relevant experience in technology makes a developer both confident and capable of handling any complex project.

A developer should have other necessary skills include communication skills, confidence level, and efficiency in delivering projects on time. 

Here are some ways to hire Laravel developers for your project

Offshore hiring

You can involve talented developers in your project through offshore hiring. Many web development companies offer remote hiring and enable you to deploy them to your project.

This method is very effective and cost-friendly because hiring developers from other countries than the US and European Countries is cheaper. They have highly skilled and talented developers who can provide world-class service at prices lower than what it may cost in your own country.

Hence, you can save a lot and create the desired solution. You get the benefit of teaming up with professional developers and many other advantages as follows:

  • With offshore hiring, you can save the cost of infrastructure because they will work from their locations. Hence, if you want to save many bucks, you can take advantage of offshore hiring. 
  • 24/7 availability provides undisrupted communication. Also, many communication channels like online chat, phone calls, emails, and more make communication more manageable and efficient. 
  • You can prepare your work company for the same work culture because the future of the IT sector is working remotely. We are even witnessing this thing in this COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • Hiring offshore developers helps you get better productivity. Remote teams have specialized infrastructure with a pleasing atmosphere to focus more on work and offer more productivity. 

Look for genuine referrals

It is a very effective strategy for hiring Laravel developers as you can select developers whose capabilities have already been tested. Indeed, you can ask for referrals from your friends, in-house IT team or anyone you think can get reliable references.

However, to hire the Laravel developers according to your budget, you can check out the websites of different web development companies and find out the perfect matching tech partner. Referrals can turn out to be helpful to hire dedicated Laravel developers. 

Look for developers on freelancing platforms

You can also search for reliable Laravel developers on freelancing platforms such as Upwork, Toptal, Freelancer.com, etc. There are lots of developers who are ready to provide services for a few bucks. However, there are a few risks when choosing freelance developers, as you may end up burning your fingers unless you do proper research. 

Final note

Laravel is a robust PHP framework to create a wide range of web solutions. Finding the best Laravel developer can be a challenge if you have no idea where to look for talented developers. The most promising way to choose developers is to rely on a Laravel framework development company. Such a company has skilled and experienced resources you can deploy to build the right solution for your business.


Emily White is a senior PHP developer at CSSChopper. She has years of experience in PHP development with frameworks like Laravel and successfully completed many client projects. She is a passionate coder and amateur writer who composes content in her spare time.

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