From software development to working on data science projects, python can be used for a lot of purposes besides regular web development jobs.

This explains why skilled python programmers are so much in demand. Suppose you are wondering why employers are so fascinated in recruiting expert python programmers or why a majority of the programmers prefer python over other programming languages. In that case, this blog will answer some of those questions.

1. It is easy to learn and use:

Python is extremely user-friendly. While many other popular programming languages are a bit difficult to learn for beginners, python offers simplified syntax, which emphasises natural language.

Since it is easy to learn and use, one can write and execute python codes with much ease when compared to other programming languages.

This programming language was developed with the goal to create a general-purpose language, which even amateur developers can use with ease.

Also, one can easily experiment by changing the code base of python since it is an interpreted language. No wonder it is so popular among all kinds of developers.

2.  Supportive python community:

Over the past 30 years, python users have formed a massive community that consists of developers ranging from beginner to expert levels.

One can find a wide range of documentation, guides and video tutorials for python and get the necessary support required to boost his/her knowledge in the python programming language.

It is important to know that a lot of students are introduced to computer science through python only. Thanks to its supportive developer community, learners can get instant python assignment help from skilled and experienced developers. This is undoubtedly one of the most crucial things that make a programming language successful.

3. Hundreds of python libraries and frameworks:

The huge supportive community and enough corporate sponsorship from big names such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon Web Services, have helped grow the number of libraries available for python.

If you choose python, you can select from a wide range of libraries and save your time and efforts on the initial cycle of development.

You can also find plenty of cloud media services that offer cross-platform support through library-like tools.

You can even find python libraries that are meant for specific areas, such as nltk for natural language processing and scikit-learn for machine learning. Also, you can find lots of frameworks and libraries in python language, including –

  • BeautifulSoup for HTML parsing and XML
  • Django for server-side web development
  • matplotib for plotting charts and graphs
  • NumPy for scientific computing
  • SciPy for engineering applications, science, and mathematics

4. Compatibility for Big Data, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing:

Keep track of the latest innovations in the world of technology. You must be aware of the applications of technologies such as Machine Learning, Big Data, and Cloud Computing. With python, one can take care of a lot of data processing workloads in the organization.

In fact, a majority of the research and development now takes place in the python language because of the ease of analyzing and organizing the usable data.

Besides, hundreds of python libraries are being used every day in various machine learning projects, including OpenCV for computer vision, TensorFlow for neural networks, etc.

5. It is versatile, efficient, reliable and fast:

If you ask a python developer, he/she will attest to the fact that python is reliable, efficient and significantly faster than most of modern languages.

In fact, python can be used in almost any kind of environment, and surprisingly, you will not encounter any sort of performance loss issue, no matter which platform you are working on.

Due to the versatility of the language, python offers a great level of support in a wide range of environments, including mobile applications, web development, desktop applications, hardware programming, and more. It is because of its high number of applications, python’s versatility seems so attractive to the developers.

6. It is the first-choice language:

Since python is highly in demand in the development market, it has become the first choice of a great number of programmers and students.

It is quite obvious that aspiring programmers will prefer learning the language that is in demand so that they can secure a high-paying job once they put their step into the professional world.

Moreover, the data science students are also using python to develop various projects. In fact, learning python is one of the major requirements in the data science certification courses right now.

It is quite evident that python offers a lot of great career opportunities for students. Since python is so versatile, the learners can pursue a range of career options and not just stuck at one.

7. Automation:

As we are proceeding towards an age of automation, it is becoming more and more important for us to adopt skills that are going to be useful in the future.

Python plays an important role in the automation of tasks as there are plenty of tools and modules available that makes such tasks a lot more comfortable. Python codes can help a developer reach an advanced level of automation rather easily.

Moreover, python is the best performance boost in the automation of software. It is amazing how less time and fewer lines are necessary to write codes for automation tools when using python.

8. The flexibility of the language:

Lastly, python is an extremely flexible programming language, giving developers the chance to try something new all the time.

If you are able to master the python language, you cannot just build similar things like other programmers but can also innovate something new altogether.

One of the biggest advantages of python is that it does not restrict the developers from developing a different form of application. You do not usually expect such freedom and flexibility from one programming languages, but python is not like any other programming language.


After learning about these crucial things about python programming, you must have developed a significant amount of idea about why it is so popular among the developers. So, what is stopping you now? Start learning python now and boost your potential as a programmer.


Patrick bate is a former English professor at a renowned university in Aberdeen, UK. After he quit his job, he offered online lessons for a brief period. Now, He is part of the Assignment help team.