The pandemic situation has changed a lot of things. Most companies have asked their employees to work from home to continue with the operations.

The education system has taken a massive blow due to this present situation.

Teachers and students are presently looking for the best option to stay connected. Daily lessons are essential, and there needs to be a proper connection between them for smooth operation.

You might not be aware of all the academic tools available on the web. It is essential to choose the right one for digital education. The following section will highlight the online academic tools that are best for both teachers and students.

Best Online Academic Tools

You must know the right academic tools before you opt for one. There are many educational tools available on the web.

But, all of them might not be useful. For example, you can find essay typer on any service providing website.

It is one of the most helpful academic tools for students. There are tools beyond the common ones which are more useful for both students and teachers. Learning about these tools will help you save time and help you complete the work faster. The following are the eight best online academic tools.

1.  Edmodo

It is essential to find a tool that can multitask. Teachers need to share a lot of academic materials with students. Sending them over via mails seems tedious. You can opt for Edmodo and get this problem solved.

The teachers can create online collaborative groups, share educational materials, and measure the performance of students.

It has proved to be very helpful for students and teachers. The software has over 34 million users currently. It has proved to be useful software and easily maintains proper communication between the students and teachers.

2.  Socrative

The ongoing pandemic has forced schools to shut down operations. The sudden shift to online education has made both the teachers and students look for correct alternatives. It is way beyond using a tool like an essay rewriter.

The teachers are looking for ways to provide some tasks to keep the students well aware of the lessons.

Socrative is an online tool that a group of entrepreneurs and engineers has designed. They felt the need for a platform that can help teachers create exercises for students. These can be solved on a mobile device or a tablet.

It helps maintain the regular tasks and keeps the students connected to their studies.

3.  Projeqt

It is essential to make online classes interactive. The students must feel interested in attending the class and enjoy what is being taught. Projeqt has been designed keeping these points in mind.

The teachers will be able to share multimedia presentations while teaching. They can share some links or any other important information through such presentations.

The students can also be asked to answer a quiz in between the learning session. It helps in making the classes more interactive, and students will enjoy learning the lessons.

4.  Thinglink

Another tool that has all the elements of making a class interactive is Thinglink. The teachers can make interactive images using some particular sound or music and share them through social media.

The software helps the teachers create learning methods that can make the students curious about the subject. It will help in the smooth completion of the syllabus and will help the students understand the lessons properly.

Students can use essay editors to get the necessary editing help while doing their tasks. These are available on the web and will help you complete the task faster.

5.  Ted-ed

Students can also come forward and provide excellent and creative ideas to create educational lessons. It helps the teachers to understand what the students want and make the lessons more interesting.

The Ted-ed software helps in making this possible. The students and teachers can work together using this tool.

It is helpful in the present situation. You will not want a boring lecture sitting at home. On the other hand, the teachers need to keep the students glued to the computer screen while imparting the education.   

6.  ClassDojo

An educational institution is responsible for building up a child. The daily lessons are a part of the process.

You need to learn good habits to be a good person. Previously, before the pandemic, schools and colleges took care of every essential thing necessary to build a child. Presently, it is not possible.

With all the schools and colleges shut, it is challenging to take care of these things. ClassDojo can help you with it.

The tool is designed to help the teachers maintain decorum and reward the student who does so. The reward is through points. These add up and are sent to the parents to make them aware of their behaviour in class.

7.  eduClipper

Research is an integral part of an academic’s career. You cannot deny the value of information and will need some to write your assignments.

It is also essential to help each other and speed up the process of studying new lessons. The teachers and students together can use eduClipper to add new information.

It is like a storage tool that will help you to collect and store the data. Later you can share the same with previously created groups. It will benefit the entire class. The teachers can also share some information that will help you learn the lesson properly.

8.  Evernote

It isn’t easy if your study materials are scattered everywhere. You will waste a lot of time searching for the one you want to study.

With Evernote, you can keep everything in one place. It will help you learn any subject. There are many websites many online documents that you need to refer to while working on a project.

You can use this tool and get rid of such hassles. The tool gives you the option to store the information in proper order and every other note collected during class. It has proved to be very useful for students.

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Online education has gained ground due to the pandemic situation. Both the students and teachers must be aware of the academic tools.

It is essential to understand the current scenario and keep yourself updated with the changes. In addition, you must be aware of the correct ways. 

Students and teachers widely use the tools mentioned above. You cannot deny the importance of education. Hence, it is essential to understand the importance of these tools and learn how to use them. 


Patrick bate is a former English professor at a renowned university in Aberdeen, UK. After he quit his job, he offered online lessons for a brief period. Now, He is part of the Assignment help team.