Is the question “is AWS certification worth it in 2022” overpowering your thoughts and not letting you focus on your exam preparation? Do not worry! We are here with this detailed blog about the worth of AWS certification to remove all negative doubts from your mind.

One good thing among the disappointing ones that the pandemic presented to this world is complete digitisation. To make trades survive amidst the global crisis, the demand for AWS certified professionals skyrocketed in the digitised business world.

So it is beyond doubt that achieving an AWS certificate in 2022 is a significant step you can take towards having a successful career ahead and scaling up gradually.

Types of AWS Certifications

Before we proceed towards the reasons, You must know the types of AWS Certifications to opt for. You can choose from AWS certification based on your skill set and field of interest. There are a total of 11 AWS Certificates-

  1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate
  2. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional
  3. AWS Certified Developer Associate
  4. AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate
  5. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional
  6. AWS Certified Cloud Practioner Associate

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  1. AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty
  2. AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty
  3. AWS Certified Database Specialty
  4. AWS Certified Machine learning Specialty
  5. AWS Certified Security Specialty

Here are 5 reasons why AWS Certification is worth it in 2022:

1.    Getting Certified is an Indispensable Criterion

The AWS certification is an indispensable criterion for anyone who wants to take their place in the cloud computing universe. Dealing and managing the advanced technologies and complex methodologies can be performed proficiently only by IT professionals with prolific command over the platform.

Hence, having an AWS certificate is a must to do your job well and establish yourself as a qualified and skilled professional.

2.   You are First in Line

In such a scenario where having a certificate is inevitable, the fundamental requirement of every recruiter of all sizes of companies would be to hire an AWS certified professional instead of on-boarding a non-certified graduate. This is because an organisation will first ensure if you can provide the value they require for their company’s growth before hiring you.

Therefore, if you get yourself AWS certified, the probability of you getting hired automatically will increase, and you can be assured that you will be the first in line among the others.

3.   Achieve The Validation Tick

How would you prove you are well versed in the cloud computing platform and is a skilled professional who can take charge of an organisation’s tech department? This is where an AWS certificate plays the trick. The AWS certificate will validate you as the seasoned professional whom you want to portray yourself as in the eye of the recruiters.

The blue tick beside your name as a certified AWS professional will establish you as an adept professional and set you as a person who can solve complex problems and find appropriate solutions to them.

4.   The Highest Paid Profession

The remuneration of an AWS certified professional is ranked among the highest-paid salaries in the tech world, and it is not far from that it is going to be the highest-paid service ever. Your earning per annum as an AWS certified professional would vary depending upon the type of AWS certificate you have acquired.

The investment and effort you put in to become AWS certified might return to you through a 1 crore per annum job. So, this is another reason and one of the most important reasons that AWS certification is worth it in 2022.

5.   Get Certified Before it Gets Saturated

The growing popularity of AWS certification proves that, like all other fields in the tech industry, the cloud computing platform too will get saturated within the upcoming 5 years. Though cracking the certification exam is not as simple as cutting a cake, it is a sign of a clever mind to do the unconventional before it gets conventional.

Hence, before the AWS platform gets overcrowded, get yourself AWS certified in 2022 itself. Along with certification, gaining experience is also a crucial factor. So without wasting any more time, get yourself certified to be ahead of the rat race.

In conclusion

While prepping yourself up for the AWS certification exam, your mind should only focus on how to score more. And to give you clarity of thought, an edge in your knowledge and guide you in improving yourself, an AWS certification course can help you. So join a course and climb up the clouds of success. Best of luck!