You’ll find thousands of students typing “Write my essay” when they cannot cope up with the academic pressure around them.

On top of writing multiple assignments every week, students have to cope with challenging coursework and extracurricular activities, which leaves them no time to wind down.

Like all the other education systems worldwide, the traditional American education system had three vital purposes:

To help children become good citizens of society

To help students grow into good human beings

To nurture and develop the unique qualities of each student

In a nationwide survey conducted on 21,678 U.S. high school students, almost 75% admitted to having negative feelings associated with the school.

The bright education system that was once the pride of the U.S. decades ago has failed to keep up with the changing times and students’ needs. Let’s look into ten ways how the authorities can improve this situation from here on out.

1. Improving the school timings

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Majority of the middle and high schools in the U.S. start earlier than 8:30 am. As a result, students have less than the recommended 8 to 10 hours of sleep every day. Sleep deprivation in adolescents can lead to several health-risk factors, such as-


Weight gain

Increase in unhealthy coping mechanisms such as drinking, smoking, and drug use

All of this can lead to poor academic performance, which can cause further stress. Generally, the school administration does not decide the timings keeping the students in mind.

Starting classes after 8:30 am can help to improve students’ overall wellbeing and ability to learn.

2. Notching up the school safety

Ever since the Columbine massacre of 1999, the U.S. has seen 229 school shootings, resulting in multiple casualties. This decrease in basic school safety has resulted in an atmosphere of fear around the various institutions. 

Only through the amendment of policies and improved security in schools can students stop worrying about the possibility of gun violence and focus on their education.

3. Encourage more critical thinking

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The U.S. education system is focused on teaching students what to learn instead of focusing on how to learn. This is only advantageous to the big corporations who want obedient workers with no thinking capabilities of their own.

The education system can break from its age-old chains when more schools begin to shift their focus from an outcome-based education to creative methods that encourage critical thinking.

4. Do away with standardized testing and rote learning

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Many critics believe that standardized testing plays a vital role in the decline of the education system. Teachers emphasize test scores, which is not the best form of measurement for students’ intelligence or capabilities.

When schools categorize students on test scores, it encourages students to either depend on an online essay writer or practice rote learning which results in:

A shallow understanding of the subject

Makes it easier to forget information

The inability to make connections with older or newer knowledge

5. Introduction of technologies in the classroom

As the children of the 21st century grow up with advanced technologies all around them, the education system needs to keep up with the changing times. With more advanced technologies, it will become much easier to get more student engagement with the subjects.

However, teachers should receive proper training to teach using these technologies and prevent misuse, such as students using cell phones to cheat in exams.

6. Improve the teacher’s salaries and benefits

Teachers’ salaries in the U.S. are well below the average pay. According to a report, public high school teachers in the U.S. earned 19.2% less than what other college-educated people did in 2019.

Additionally, the negligible benefits in this role discourage many brilliant people from taking up this career, leading to a decrease in teachers’ quality every year.

7. Tackle mental health problems

Mental health issues have always been a growing problem among students. There has been a massive improvement in the de-stigmatization of this issue. However, many schools lack the facilities to address and help their students in this regard.

If schools start to conduct regular workshops and seminars on mental health, it can spread awareness among the younger students who might be unaware of the issue.

Moreover, schools should also maintain a proper counselor-student ratio of 1:1000 and make it compulsory for regular sessions for students suffering from academic stress and depression.

8. Prevent bullying

The U.S education system has no hopes of improving if bullying continues to be an issue in most schools. The action of bullying can originate from students, teachers, or other members of the faculty. Unfortunately, in most cases, such issues go unreported due to fear and shame.

Bullied students go through various emotional and mental issues that remain unattended. Many times, it can lead to extreme situations. Therefore, authorities should take strict actions against the perpetrators, while counseling should be compulsory for the victim.

9. Introduce activities to have better parent involvement

The lack of parents’ interest in their children’s education negatively impacts the education system. A child’s home environment is crucial in their ability to learn and develop into better human beings. Therefore, schools should provide more activities where parents can be an active part of their children’s school life.

10. Reduce the academic pressure

Such mounting pressure can have negative consequences on the students’ growth and development as a whole.

Summing it up

There are plenty of issues that prevent the U.S. education system from reaching its full potential. These issues arise due to horrible policy decisions that do not keep the students’ overall improvement and wellbeing in mind. However, making small and steady positive changes in the most problematic areas will improve the U.S. educational system over time.


Henry Howkins is an academic expert working at a research paper writing service for the past ten years. He has two lovely children and loves to spend his weekends taking a trip down to the countryside with them.